“I started as an Apprentice at Dreamtek back in May 2014 and I have learnt so much more in my first year as an apprentice than I have throughout my earlier education! I was given so many opportunities to work with some amazing staff, equipment and businesses that i wouldn’t have been given being at university or working my way up from the bottom of other companies!

Now I am a Junior Editor and Assistant Producer, I wouldn’t have got here without all the support and knowledge I have been given by Dreamtek!

I came from a background of retail experience and I was fresh out of college when I saw what Dreamtek had to offer and I immediately jumped on the band wagon!

For anyone looking for a way to get into the Video Production Industry then the Dreamtek Apprenticeship programme is one of the best routes available!”

Dreamtek Junior Editor and Assistant Producer

George, Dreamtek
“Commerzbank has had a Dreamtek apprentice with us for well over a year and its fair to say this person has become a trusted and valued member of the team. Their drive to learn and the attention to detail was very good from the offset. After only a few months the apprentice was able to deliver 80% of the work required from a core team member”
Mark Blackadder, Commerzbank
“I started as an Apprentice at Dreamtek back in 2011 and learnt so much in my first year. I was given a vast range of opportunities to work with some amazing equipment, people and businesses that I would never have been exposed to at university or working my way up from the bottom at other companies.
I am now working as a Production Specialist at YouTube. Without all of the support and knowledge given to me by Dreamtek, I can’t imagine I would have got to here. Their foresight and trust in my younger self’s abilities really helped me to grow as an employee and individual.

For anyone looking to break into the Video Production industry, I would strongly recommend the Dreamtek Apprenticeship programme as one of the best routes available right now. For me, it has proven to be an invaluable career opportunity”

Junior Producer

Tommy Bruce, Dreamtek